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Princess Leia Stillness Icon Challenge
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Leia Organa Solo Stillness

This community is an icon challenge community of the lovely Princess Leia from the Classic Star Wars Trilogy.


Banner Makers:

to apply, please go here.

1: No animated icons - this is a stillness community after all.
2: You may enter up to 5 icons for each challenge.
3: Icons must include Princess Leia.
4: Icons must be made by you and only you.
5: Icons must be newly made icons, do not use one of your old ones.
6: Do not repost your icon anywhere until the challenge is complete and winners are announced.
7: Include the URL with the icon(s)you are submitting.
8: Do not vote for you own icon or tell anyone else to vote for your icon.
9: Be nice to the other members, do not flame.
10: Always submit icon(s)to the screened post.
11: Icons must meet LJ standards (must be either .png, .jpeg, .gif format and 40kb or under).
12: Keep it PG-13 and under please.

Failure to abide by these rules we result in any icons or votes submitted to be disqualified and a possible ban from the community. The rules aren't that hard to abide by and they are to ensure that everyone in this community enjoys the experience.

Profile Codes by resplandor
Profile header by _childish_fears, winner of challenge 39.
Header by selonbrody, winner of challenge 50.
Journal layout by palebird
Mood theme from atourworst.org

A new challenge is posted every Monday along with the voting for the previous challenge. Results will be posted on Thursdays.

There are 3 categories for voting:

First Place
Second Place
Third Place

Plus special categories that will depend on the amount of entries

There is also a mod's choice award which is chosen by the mod only.

Voting is weighted (e.g. an icon voted for 1st place would get 3 points, 2nd place would get 2 ponts and 3rd place 1 point and then the points are added together to give the winners)

Those who win a category will receive a banner. First place winners will also receive a banner and their icon will be the default icon of the community until the next challenge's first place winner.


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